donald trump jr instagram

50 Cent Sends Shots To Donald Trump On Instagram

donald trump jr instagram vs 50 Cent

Although coronavirus pandemic pushes people into self-quarantine, and specialists around the earth work tirelessly to find a vaccinefor COVID-19. Still, the Donald Trump Donald trump jr instagram and former host of The Apprentice is challenging faultfinding for not getting ahead of the condition.

On Saturday (March 28), 50 Cent made it clear how he thinks about the way  Trump

donald trump jr instagram
donald trump jr instagram

Donald trump jr instagram Trump is controlling the pandemic, sharing an Instagram post that read, “You needed a reality show host as president. Well, now you’re on Survivor.”


He wrote in the title, “yeah, we fucked up big time, but we were performing to be alright watch. LOL.”

50 cent leaked video

It was only two weeks ago that 50 was operating a strip club in New York City as the coronavirus was performing its way across the earth. In a video of his wild night out, 50 threw dollar notes at the dancers and wasn’t adhering to the social distancing practices set in place.


But the circumstance has grown exponentially more severe since then. The United States now has more detailed cases of COVID-19 than any other country in the universe. New York alone has over 52,000 cases.

In New York, 50 may have been placed off by Trump coming to New York in recent days, placing guilt on the city and mulling a Quarantine on the land of New York and surrounding area. Saturday, Trump tweeted, “I am thinking a QUARANTINE of developing ‘hot spots,’ New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. A choice will be made, one way or another, quickly.” He called a potential quarantine as “short,” citing “two-weeks” for New York.

Experts suspect that the virus may not peak for another three weeks at the most unexpected.



donald trump jr instagram



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donald trump jr instagram

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Report during corona pandemic: New York officials plan the apex of the pandemic in the land is still 14 to 21 days away. At that time, the state predicts it will need 140,000 hospital beds. According to the newest release from the CDC, there are 103,321 published cases in the U.S. and 1,668 deaths.

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