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USA President Donald Trump Twitter analysis till 2020

How many followers does Donald Trump twitter account have?

Donald Trump Twitter name is Donald Trump jr has more than 82.7M million followers. He is the most popular president in the history of America. Donald Trump has a massive fan following on social media. He is the most famous person on social media.

President account opened in 2009. Since then, he has sent approximately 51000 tweets. His official account is @RealDonaldTrump since then. If we take a look at Trump’s following 2009, the year he opened his account, until today, the evolution is quite impressive.

Donald Trump Twitter keeps using his official Twitter account Donald trump jr preferably, instead of the one from the presidency i.e., Potus. President Obama used to have an organization running his accounts. Whenever he sent a tweet individually, he added its signature to it so the public would know. In contrast, Trump tweets today are considered as a great reservoir of information. We have to say that this analysis is based on Donal trump twitter account, they are not fraudulent or made up; those are tweets sent by the president of the USA.

President profile is @realDonaldTrump.

donald trump twitter

He is following 47 people from his account.

President Donald Trump twitter account is an excellent means to understand what the president is considering, doing, or considering doing. Donald Trump’s tweets open News broadcast, and Media have committed thousands of TV. Evermore that Trump uses Twitter, a newspaper pens a new article. They are also a prominent source of opposition and debate.

We have examined every tweet posted by Donald Trump since he became the president of the United States of America (and earlier) to understand how he’s doing. 

donald trump twitter

Can you believe doing a hashtag tracking of all the hashtags he posts?

The dates of the examination are until today. We investigated a lot of info, and we can say: Trump and Twitter, what an aggregate! He is apparently the president in the universe that uses Twitter the most utmost. And when we say “uses,” it intends he does it; he doesn’t have a organization of people managing the account for him. All the tweets on the President account are written by himself. 

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